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Sanjay Manjrekar recalls Sachin Tendulkar's yellow Walkman: You were as attached to them as your bat

  • 15 Jul 2020 18:14:42

Sachin Tendulkar was given a yellow Sony Walkman on his seventeenth birthday celebration by his India partners during the visit to Sharjah in 1990.

Previous India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar at long last had the opportunity to answer on Sachin Tendulkar's tweet, wishing him on his birthday which was on July 12.

Tendulkar had wished Manjrekar on Twitter alongside an image of the two from the mid 1990s.

"Numerous cheerful returns of the day, Sanjay! Wish you great wellbeing and joy consistently!" Tendulkar inscribed the post.

Manjrekar apologized to Tendulkar for answering late yet additionally saw something uncommon in the image - the Master Blaster's yellow Walkman.

Manjrekar helped Tendulkar to remember the amount he adored his yellow earphones, which he was constantly spotted wearing during his initial vocation.

"Much thanks Sachin. So upset for the late answer. Recollect the yellow 'Walkman' earphones in the pic. You were as connected to them as you were to your bat," Manjrekar answered on Tendulkar's tweet.

Tendulkar was given the yellow Sony Walkman on his seventeenth birthday celebration during the visit to Sharjah in 1990.

Previous partner Ajay Jadeja had once spoken about Tendulkar's Walkman and how he dealt with the gadget for a considerable length of time. Jadeja had supplanted a harmed Atul Wassan in the Indian group on that visit.

"That (1990 Sharjah) visit had his birthday too. He was introduced a yellow Sony Walkman.

"Fans throughout the years more likely than not seen him strolling around with it. He took great consideration of every one of his possessions, so they generally endured long like his innings.

"Be that as it may, I recollect back then, it was about cooperation.. so on the off chance that one player was wearing earphones and the others weren't, at that point he was viewed as solitary.

"A few seniors didn't care for it ... In any case, today in the event that you glance around, each other player exits wearing earphones," Jadeja was cited by Sportstar.