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"You Don't Upset The Bear": Dean Jones On Australia Not Sledging Virat Kohli

  • 04 Jun 2020 11:10:08

Dean Jones didn't concur with Michael Clarke's remarks that Australia didn't sledge certain Indian players to spare their IPL contracts.

Dean Jones didn't concur with Michael Clarke's remarks that Australian players went calm on India chief Virat Kohli and different players during the 2018-19 arrangement down under to secure their Indian Premier League (IPL) contracts. Dignitary Jones, while rubbishing the cases by previous Australia chief, said that the group did what they used to do against any semblance of Viv Richards, Javed Miandad or Martin Crowe. Dignitary Jones, in a meeting with Nikhil Naz on SportScreen's YouTube channel, said that players like Virat Kohli appreciate being stood up to in the center since that is the thing that makes them go.

"I will reveal to you the motivation behind why they went quiet to him (Virat Kohli). We went quiet to Viv Richards, we went quiet to Javed Miandad, we go quiet to Martin Crowe when he comes to bat and there is a purpose behind it," Jones said.

"We realize that you don't irritated the bear. You don't irritated Virat Kohli and you don't resentful a MS Dhoni and you don't annoyed certain players since this is the thing that they love. They need that showdown, so don't give them any oxygen," Jones included.

Michael Clarke had before said that he felt Australia were too frightened to even think about sledging Kohli or the other Indian players since they needed to play with them in April (in the IPL).

Senior member Jones further said that being pleasant to specific players won't ensure any player an IPL contract.

"I find that as a piece junk. You upset Virat Kohli and he won't pick you? Is Virat going to prevent you from playing? It really descends the mentors and the rundown directors who they pick," Jones finished up.