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Will head to watch Rohit Sharma before Virat Kohli if 2 matches are going on simultaneously: Mohammad Kaif

  • 11 May 2020 12:48:43

Previous India cricketer Mohammad Kaif said that there are numerous acceptable defender in the Indian cricket crew however there is no defender who can be known as a total handling bundle.

The present Indian group has great defenders however none of them is a "finished bundle" like Yuvraj Singh and he himself, figures Mohammed Kaif.

The saint of India's Natwest triumph played more than 100 ODIs, fundamentally as a result of his sublime handling. The prevalent handling abilities delayed his vocation even as his batting structure declined consistently.

Gotten some information about his interpretation of Indian handling contrasted with the occasions when Yuvraj Singh would man the point and he would remain at additional spread, Kaif sketched out the ailing in the present set-up.

"To be a finished bundle, you should be a decent catcher, you ought to have the option to hit the stumps frequently, you ought to have the option to run quick, you ought to have the correct strategy to snatch a moving ball," Kaif said on YouTube channel 'SportScreen'

"At the point when we were playing, me and Yuvraj made our imprint as great defenders. Today, you will discover a great deal of good defenders in the Indian group, yet I don't think there is any individual who is a finished bundle as a defender.

"An individual who can get in the slips, who can take a catch at short-leg, can field in long-on limit by running fast.that bundle I believe is missing," said Kaif, who has consistently been hailed as probably the best defender.

The 39-year-old said that Ravindra Jadeja is getting better with age however India's slip getting has still left a great deal to be wanted.

"Ravindra Jadeja is a decent defender, in truth as he is including the years, his handling is additionally improving. Be that as it may, India's slip handling isn't acceptable."

In the discussion between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in white ball cricket, Kaif said that in the event that he needed to pick between the two had they been playing for various groups, he would lean toward viewing the in vogue Mumbaikar.

"On the off chance that there are two matches occurring in a similar city at the same time and Virat is playing in one and Rohit in another, at that point I will make a beeline for the match including Rohit Sharma.

"Almost certainly, Virat has a remarkable record in Tests and white ball cricket both, yet Rohit has the style, so much time while confronting a bowler. He is one batsman who can crush a bowler without the bowler in any event, understanding that he is enduring an onslaught.