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Vinesh Phogat wrestles to historic gold , Vinesh became the first woman wrestler from the country to win an Asian Games gold.

  • 21 Aug 2018 11:52:17

It’s perhaps the most dramatic sporting sequence ever played out on the silver screen. Rocky Balboa, in his revenge ‘match’ against Apollo Creed, catches his opponent off-guard with an orthodox stance and then switches to southpaw in the final round. Vinesh Phogat’s switch wasn’t as dramatic or exaggerated as in the movie. But the impact it left on her opponent was no less significant. Vinesh has always used her right leg as the base to launch attacks, but it made her predictable and vulnerable. So on Monday, she planted her left leg forward. The subtle tweak rattled Japan’s Yuki Irie and landed Vinesh the gold. “The move totally surprised the opponent. It was the main reason she won,” Vinesh’s Hungarian coach Woller Akos says.